Garage Door Repair in Woodbury, MN

Garage Door Repair

We’re proud to put our name on every expert garage door repair.

Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN would like to take care of your garage door repairs now and in the future. It is our goal to earn your trust, do a great job and build relationships with each customer, so you’ll know who to call when you need reliable garage door replacement, service, repairs and maintenance. We can repair or replace anything garage door related, such as:

  • Broken garage door springs
  • Cables, rollers, hinges, brackets, drums, end plates, safety sensors and other components
  • Bent rails and damaged tracks
  • Crooked doors and doors off track
  • Garage door replacement
  • New garage door panels and sections
  • Garage door openers and accessories
  • Outside keypads, remote controls, re-programming remote controls
  • Weather stripping and bottom rubber seals

Once your appointment has been booked, we’ll confirm the date and time through text and/or email with a picture of your technician, his bio and a recent review so you’ll know who you’ll be meeting with. You can track his travels on a link we send so you’ll know when to expect him. We’ll begin with a safety inspection, maintenance check and tune up on your garage door and opener. When we identify the problem, we’ll give you a reasonable price and move forward after your approval. Repairs are completed onsite because we have all the necessary parts and tools to get the job done right away. Finally, you’ll receive your paid receipt via email along with a link to rate our performance.

As a local, family owned and operated business, we want to earn your business and are committed to excellence. For the best garage door repairs in town, please call Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN. Same day service is usually available.

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“We were in need of emergency service and called Aladdin Doors® because of all the great reviews. They did not disappoint. Our technician was a great communicator, arrived promptly on time, and was extremely knowledgeable. They can easily diagnose the problem and have all the tools and parts needed available on their truck. Great rates, excellent service, and reasonable prices. I highly recommend Aladdin Doors® for any garage door work.”

-Joshua G.

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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Aladdin Doors® is your go-to source for all things garage door

Broken garage door? We can fix it. Door beyond repair or obsolete? We can replace it. We service all bands and we’re here to help.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Fast, professional garage door repair and replacement at your service. That’s Aladdin Doors®.

Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN has the garage door opener that you’re looking for. Same day service means that we can remove your old, broken garage door opener and replace it with a brand-new state-of-the-art one before your head hits the pillow tonight. We specialize in not only garage door opener repair, but replacement and installation as well.

When your opener has lifted its last door, or struggles or stutters to do so, you need a garage door opener repair company you can count on and you need them fast. We can repair the motor and replace broken gears, circuit boards, safety sensors, limit switches, trolleys, belts and more. To get the job done on the spot, we carry all standard replacement parts and accessories in our trucks.

Garage Door Opener Replacement & Installation

If your garage door opener has seen too many repairs, or if it’s several years old, it may make more sense to replace it rather than keep fixing it. Openers from LiftMaster™ and our own Aladdin Doors® brand bring high technology into your garage and make it easier and more convenient than ever before to open and close your garage door. Imagine using your Smartphone, laptop or computer to act as your remote from anywhere at any time, day or night. Set the timer to close at a specific time. Receive an alert if someone tries to get in. Add a battery backup feature to ensure your door will always operate when the power is out. Let us show you which opener would work best for you and your garage. They are available with Wi-Fi connectivity in chain, belt and jackshaft (wall mounted) configurations.

For fast, professional garage door opener repair or replacement, call Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN today.

Garage Door Replacement & Installation

If your garage door is damaged or needs replacement, a new garage door from Aladdin Doors® is the answer

Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN focuses on professional, affordable garage door replacement. The average lifetime of any garage door is usually 10-15 years, depending on usage and how well it’s been maintained. Wear and tear, weather conditions and damage can take their toll over time and cause it to function less smoothly or not at all. Whatever the reason, when it’s time to replace your old, worn out garage door, come to Aladdin Doors® for help.

Today’s garage doors are no longer boring and just functional. Now you can choose from several styles with different panels, decorative windows and accessories to make your house look its finest. With climate change awareness and energy concerns, it’s no wonder insulated, energy efficient garage doors have become so popular. There are three basic models to choose from: traditional, carriage-style or contemporary. Our process starts with a free in-home consult. We will remove your old garage door, professionally install your new door and clean up afterwards. Our service doesn’t stop with the sale, however. We invite you to become a lifetime Aladdin customer with our annual maintenance plan to keep your door ‘like new’, as well as perform necessary repairs and service when needed.

We know that homeowners want to find the best garage door available at a reasonable price, installed and serviced by experienced professionals who are committed to excellence in expert garage door replacement, installation and repair and maintenance. That’s what Aladdin Doors of Woodbury, MN delivers. Please call us today for more information.

Garage Door Spring Repair

One of the most important parts to your garage door is your garage door springs.

When you have a broken garage door spring, don’t panic! Call Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN for fast, efficient garage door spring replacement. We offer same day appointments because we know how urgent it is when you’re stuck in your garage with no way out.

When your door starts to feel heavy, it’s a sign that your springs are starting to wear out and over time, they won’t be able to bear the weight of the door. When the spring does break, you’ll know. You might hear a loud “bang”. You won’t be able to open (or close) the door or the door could raise only 10” and stop. You would also see a definite visible split in the spring. Some homeowners think they can handle broken springs by themselves. However, spring replacement is a difficult job that requires experience, technical skills, the right tools and springs that are properly sized and rated for the correct weight and height of your door. An unbalanced door can cause extra wear and tear on the opener and damage the top of the door where the opener arm attaches. Why risk it? Call Aladdin Doors® for professional and affordable garage door spring replacement service. We’re here when you need us.

While many homeowners would choose the standard 10,000 cycle springs with a four year warranty on parts and one year on labor, most select 100,000 high cycle springs because they are guaranteed for life. Service includes not only the spring replacement, but also a tune ‘n lube on your garage door and opener. For fast, professional garage door spring replacement, please call Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury today. Thank you for your interest.

Garage Door Maintenance

Industry experts recommended annual garage door maintenance. When was yours last inspected?

Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN not only sells and fixes garage doors and openers, we maintain them as well. Your garage door is the largest door in your home. While it’s a significant investment, it’s one of the most neglected household items for many homeowners. How often should you perform maintenance? Industry’s best practices recommend garage door maintenance every year. Preventative maintenance is important because it will keep your garage door system up and running all season long with no surprise breakdowns, while operating at top efficiency. We will closely examine all the components on your garage door and opener by lubricating all moving parts, making adjustments where necessary, and ensuring everything is in proper working order, noting what may need repair or service either now or in the future. Protect your investment. Call Aladdin Doors® of Woodbury, MN today to set up an appointment for preventative garage door maintenance. You’ll be happy you did.

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