Garage Door Repair in Burnsville, MN

Garage Door Repair

Get your garage door repaired today with Aladdin Doors®. We work on all makes and models and have served residential and commercial customers since 2004. Because we know that garage doors rarely break at convenient times, we offer same day service and 24/7 emergency support. We can fix or replace any of the following that would cause your garage door trouble, such as:
• Broken garage door springs
• Cables, rollers, hinges, struts, brackets, drums, end plates, safety sensors and more
• Bent rails, damaged tracks, doors off track
• Garage door replacement, panels and sections
• Garage door openers, inside wall units, outside keypads
• Remote controls, re-programming remote controls
• Bottom rubber seals and weather stripping

You’ll always get top-notch service and support with Aladdin Doors®. For prompt, reliable and affordable garage door repair, call us today to get on our calendar.

Garage Door Opener Replacement & Installation

When you’re ready to replace your old garage door opener, you might be surprised to see the new line-up of today’s high technology garage door openers. Brighter LED lighting. Wi-Fi connectivity. Battery back-up. Timer to close. Better warranty. These are just some of the new features you’ll be seeing when you choose Aladdin Doors® for garage door opener replacement and installation. Our technicians carry a variety of openers and accessories including extra remotes and outside keypads. Installation can be done in an hour and in many cases, the same day. Secure your new opener and call Aladdin Doors® of Burnsville. MN.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Not only does Aladdin Doors® sell garage door openers, we also perform affordable garage door opener repair. When your opener gets so loud you can’t hear yourself think, or if it stutters or just quits, we can help. There are many different openers on the market today. It takes an experienced professional to understand the different models, diagnose the problem and fix it. That’s where Aladdin Doors® steps in. Whatever the problem is, we’ll get it up and running in no time. Keep in mind, however, that if your opener is more than ten years old, replacement might make better sense than more repairs. We keep the latest models in our vehicles so you can select one that’s right for you, should the need arise. Call Aladdin Doors® for fast garage door opener repair.

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“We were in need of emergency service and called Aladdin Doors® because of all the great reviews. They did not disappoint. Our technician was a great communicator, arrived promptly on time, and was extremely knowledgeable. They can easily diagnose the problem and have all the tools and parts needed available on their truck. Great rates, excellent service, and reasonable prices. I highly recommend Aladdin Doors® for any garage door work.”

-Joshua G.

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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

Aladdin Doors® is your go-to source for all things garage door

Broken garage door? We can fix it. Door beyond repair or obsolete? We can replace it. We service all bands and we’re here to help.

Garage Door Replacement & Installation

Garage doors are taken for granted. They work hard for you, day in and day out. When they get dented, rusted, old and worn out, the reality is that “it’s got to go”. Garage door replacement and installation service by Aladdin Doors® is the answer. Sign up for our free in-home consultation. Select from new models, colors and accessories and we’ll help you choose a door that’s tasteful and affordable. Removal of your old door, professional installation of your new door and clean up are all included. Add a new high-tech opener and you’ll have a completely new garage door system you’ll be proud of. To find the right garage door opener that provides years of high performance, safety and durability, call Aladdin Doors® to get started.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Does your garage door stop when it’s going up? Maybe it just won’t open! Did you hear a loud bang in the garage? Are the cables hanging down? You probably have a broken garage door spring. Springs offset the weight of the garage door. If they’re broken, your garage door simply won’t open. It could be because of wear and tear, temperature fluctuations and lack of proper adjustment and maintenance. It really doesn’t matter why. What’s important is that you replace a broken spring as soon as possible. If you have a two-car door and notice only one of the springs is broken, the second is about to break, too. That’s why we recommend replacing both springs to maintain spring tension and avoid paying for another service call. For fast and efficient garage door spring replacement service that can happen today, call Aladdin Doors®.

Garage Door Maintenance

Taking care of your home pays dividends when you regularly maintain things around the house. Garage doors are no exception. Our maintenance, tune-up and safety inspection is recommended annually to keep your garage door system working at its peak performance. We’ll completely examine your garage door and opener and lubricate, adjust and check all components. If we see areas that require immediate attention or may need service down the road, we’ll let you know. Aladdin Doors® is proud to be your full-service garage door company in Burnsville, MN, maintenance included.

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